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No-Icing Sports, Hudson, NH
Our new Store.  Welcome to No-Icing Sports!
We are a family owned and operated hockey pro-shop serving New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New England area hockey players. We are also the leading online source for custom skate sharpening and radiusing with skaters from around the U.S. and world shipping us their blades for professional skate services. We pride ourselves in our personalized customer service, and our attention to details. While we may not be as big as one of those chain hockey stores that tries to be everything to everybody at the expense of service and quality, our objective is simply this... to offer expert advice and to ensure our customers are not treated like just another sale. Everyone says they have great customer service, but we truly take service to the next level. We'll soon learn your name, and get to know you and your hockey game. Our goal is to meet all your equipment needs, and to help you become a better skater and hockey player. More importantly, we are not overpriced. Compare us with other hockey shops, even online stores, you'll be glad you did. Most of our competitors have inflated retail prices year round with an occasional sale on last year's discontinued models. However, ALL our prices are very reasonable, year round, and in most cases will cost you less than if you purchased the same item from one of the internet sites. Plus, if you should find we are not cheaper than any local competitor, we can usually match or beat their price on current year equipment. Internet customers, we don't have most hockey equipment listed on our internet store, so you will have to e-mail us for prices and availability.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Browse through our site's pages to learn more about our unique services.
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Introduction to our Services
Our Services
Most Hockey shops and rink pro shops are retail equipment stores that sharpen skates as a side thought, often letting unsupervised "minimum wage" employees sharpen skates. We are very different, we are professional skate sharpeners who happen to have a retail store. At our store, sharpening is our first priority. We sharpen tens of thousands of skates per year and that is why we concentrate on providing the best skate sharpening and radiusing possible. It is the crust of our business. However, we also carry a wide variety of new hockey equipment and accessories. Lastly we offer a quick, inexpensive sports equipment sanitizing and deodorizing service. Come visit our shop just off Rt111 in Hudson, NH near the new Cyclone's Arenas. We are a short 15-minute drive from Nashua, the Mass border, Salem and Manchester.

We offer the same skate sharpening and custom radius services to our internet customers. If you don't have a professional skate sharpener near you, consider letting us meet your sharpening needs. It's not as expensive as you might think. Check out our Sharpen by Mail, and Sharpening and Profiling pages for more information. If, you're not sure about trusting some internet site with your skates or blades, check out Customer Testimonial Pages. Feel free to contact any of our satisfied customers.
All your equipment fits nicely on racks in our machine.
Deodorizing and Sanitizing!
Does your hockey equipment stink? Is it banned to the garage? Do you get rashes and itches? Are you concerned about getting the staph infection that is common from sports equipment? Well no more!

Our specialty is removing foul odors and bacteria from hockey equipment. Check out our revolutionary dry process, it only takes about 20 minutes, while you wait. One treatment sanitizes and removes foul odors from your entire set of equipment, including skates, helmet, and bag. Please do not confuse our process with the sports wash services like ESPORTA. We do NOT use ESPORTA. We believe water and washing and drying could damage your equipment (wash your skates???) Plus, the wash services are priced way to high for the average hockey player as well. Our system is not only endorsed by the NHL, but owned and used by many NHL teams! Visit our Sani/Deodorizing page and FAQ pages for more details about our fast, inexpensive treatment process.

Our Employees getting ready for tryouts for the Jamaican Hockey Team!
Hockey Equipment
Our store is packed with a great selection of gear for players of all ages. It is impossible though for us to stock every brand, every model, every size and every color, but we do try to carry the most popular equipment. If there is something you want, just ask us to order it, we can usually get products in 1-2 days.

You'll likely find us cheaper than any local hockey shop. Our pricing is same as the big online outlets like hockeymonkey, etc. But if you should find someone cheaper, we will do our best to match or beat any local competitor's regular price on identical, in stock items. Also, we believe in offering our customers a fair price from the start. Many retailers inflate their prices so they can "negotiate" down to the selling price, giving the impression of offering a "deal" to the customer. This gimmick is a misleading and unethical business practice and is not something we do. We always have fair prices. We also offer many services included with our prices, like free first sharpening, true heat molding, etc.

We stock most major brands! If we don't have what you want, we'll do our best to get it for you!

Mass customers, be sure to visit us on your next trip to tax-free NH!
Skate Sharpening and Radiusing
At No-icing Sports, we've earned a reputation for having the most consistent and accurate skate sharpening services available. That's why we have the equivalent of more than 600 hockey teams that call us their "sharpener". We also have internet sharpening customers from virtually every state in the U.S., and from around the world who faithfully mail and trust us with their blades for sharpening. Lastly, we are figure skate sharpening experts and have many competitive and recreational figure skaters as our clients. We may be a hockey shop, but... we guaranty you will not get a better figure skate sharpening anywhere. Stop paying $20 for a figure skate sharpening, we will give you an expert sharpening for just $7.00!

So, why do our sharpening customers refuse to get their skates sharpened elsewhere? Why do they refer their friends and teammates to No-Icing Sports? Why do they drive hours to get here or ship their blades from all over the country and world? The answers are simple. Unlike most shops, we don't sharpen all skates the same way or only offer a few choices. We customize the sharpening to fit the skater's needs. Many think all sharpenings are the same. This is far from the truth! If you ever had to scrape your blades after a sharpening to dull them, or if you chatter when stopping, or if you are slipping out, then you don't have the right setting for you. Also, look at the bottom of your blade. If you can see anything in the finish other than a smooth satin sheen, then you got a poor sharpening. If you want to skate better, come see us for a quality sharpening that is right for you. NHL pro's have an equipment manager that fine-tunes their skates for optimum performance. At No-Icing, think of us as YOUR equipment manager. Unlike other skate sharpeners, we'll work with you and do whatever it takes to make sure YOU are skating better and at optimum performance. More importantly, we don't have teenagers or rotating sales clerks sharpening skates. When we sharpen, we don't rush and we make sure the skates are perfect before we give them back to you. When you leave our shop, we are sure you will be skating better! We also offer dozens of custom rocker radius to fine tune your skates for maximum performance.. Check out our Sharpening, Profiling, and FAQ pages for more info.

A-TRAP Goalie
What's New in the Store
Our shopping area can be accessed by selecting the "Shopping Area" link in the main menu or by typing in your location bar.

Be sure to join/like our Facebook page (No Icing Sports) as this is where we list all the upcoming sales and specials. Don't miss out on one of our spur of the moment slashed priced closeouts! Many don't know that whenever our competitors have their tent or advertised sales, that we always match their store-wide discounts. Facebook is where to find out so you can get the good deals before they sell out!

50% all remaining goalie equipment!

50% off all Easton Sticks, skates and protective equipment!

All RBK equipment left in the store must go, 30-50% off.

Check out our new Triple and QUAD Progressive Combination radius. We added many new ones for 2018! We now have a progressive radius for all skill levels, novice to expert.

Access our shopping area from the main menu on left of page.