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Combination Skate Radius
What is a Combination Radius?
Ice skate runners come from the factory with what we call the "traditional" radius, which is one radius in the middle 2/3rds of the skate blade. This factory radius can be altered for performance gains by grinding a different radius onto the blade. While a custom traditional radius does result in performance gains over the factory radius, the skate technician must often choose a single radius that matches the style, ability, position, and preferences of the player. Sometimes this can result in a loss of performance in one area of skating, when trying to improve another. For example, if you want more speed, you may lose some turning ability. This is usually OK, because the radius is tuned for your specific profile, however, wouldn't it be better if the skate technician could give you better performance for all maneuvers and all game situations without losing any performance? You bet! That's what a Combination Radius does. Also, goalies, don't feel left out, we have many combination radius specifically designed to improve your pivoting, maneuverability, pushes, slides and recoveries! Combination Radius are also called Compound Radius.
The Combination Radius
The combination radius is different than the traditional radius in that it has two radius on the skate instead of one, a shorter radius in the front of the blade and a longer radius in the rear. Because each part of the skate runner is used for different maneuvers, the combo radius will give better performance because no matter what part of the skate you are using, the blade is optimized for maximum performance for that maneuver, be it starts, strides, crossovers, backward pushes, ankle dekes, mohawks and more. With a combination radius you will be able to make moves that will confuse your opponent, giving you that extra edge over the competition. In many skating situations, players will allow their body momentum to control their skating movements on the ice rather than the player controlling the skates. If you don't learn how to use your body in-sync with your skates, you'll never advance to the next level of skating. Players must "train" themselves to control body movements, create thrust, and to understand what is going on with the skates. A combination radius allows you to do this much easier than with a traditional radius. Virtually all our combo users report they can make "moves" never possible before. Click on the "Watch This" link at bottom of page to see what we mean.

We offer many different combination radius. We now even have triple and quadruple radius for even more performance for certain type skaters. Our entire staff uses and has tested the range of combination's. We didn't even offer them to the general public until we were exactly sure how each one performed. In addition, we've been keeping a database and recorded feedback from thousands of customers who are using the combo setup. Please, be wary of other shops or people on online discussion boards who talk down combo's. It's likely they are doing this because they don't offer combos in their shop or they have never actually tried one themselves. If you simply talk with and watch someone skate with a combo, you'll find that very few would ever switch back to a traditional radius. The reason why is that the performance is amazing.

So, would you be willing to pay as little as $31.99 to skate better? That's all a combo radius costs. Much cheaper than camps, clinics, and power skating classes! Those are important yes, but nothing can improve skating more than a properly tuned skate blade. If you are serious about your game, a combination radius may just be for you. Here's an example of how a combo radius works ... let's say your skates have a single 9' radius. We can improve your turning by decreasing the front radius to 8', and also increase speed by increasing the rear radius to 10'. It's that simple! Lastly because combo's are especially suited for two-way play, if you play both Defense and Forward, it will work great for both positions. No more changing back and forth every time the coach changes your position.

Don't be scared to try a combo. After you skate a few times on it, if there is something you don't like about the radius we select for you we will gladly adjust it to a different combination or change it to a traditional radius for free. We give you a full 30-days to test it out. You have nothing to lose! We offer so many different combos, we are certain there is a right one to match your skating profile. For existing radius customers, you can upgrade the blades we did to a combo. New customers, be sure to read our Radius and Sharpening info page, and our Sharpen by Mail Page found in the main menu on the left.
Skate Pitch
The Pitch of the blade is another very important part of how a skate feels and performs. When you get a custom radius, or a custom combination radius, the pitch settings can be adjusted. Pitch is the angle in which the blades lean toward the ice. It can be forward, neutral or reverse, and in varying amounts (in degrees or fractions of inches) For example a minor forward pitch would be .5 degrees or 1/64". A lot of factors are used to determine what proper pitch setting a skater should have. Pitch is critical because not only does it effect skating, but also body balance. If your balance is off, you'll have a poor stride. Pitch on the skates helps the knees unlock and to drop in the proper skating stance (90 degree knee bend with knees 2" forward of the skates.) In addition, if pitch is too far to the rear (a factory configuration for some model skates), you'll lose ability to accelerate. Believe it or not, the pitch of your skates also effects passing, shooting and checking. Pitch is one of the most critical components in equipment configurations. At No-Icing Sports, we'll customize the pitch along with your radius so you can achieve maximum performance in your entire game.
Proper Balance and Stride
As we discussed on our Profiling Page, regardless of whether you get a traditional or combination radius, the most important thing you can do to your skates is to have them balanced and the proper pitch put in them to help you achieve the optimum hockey stance and skating stride.
Order Combination Radius Here!
Custom Combination Radius
Disclaimer: The views expressed are the sole experiences of No-Icing Sports Customers. They are in no way intended as the only solution for your skating. Side effects may include euphoria, light-headiness, speed, goal scoring, and perhaps beer drinking in adults over age 21. Call your doctor if you experience excitement lasting more than 4 hours.
Triple Combination Radius and the all-new QUADS!
We now are offering a new combination radius which is similar to the regular combinations. What's different is we take a regular combination radius but put a flat radius in the middle of the forward and rear radius. This "flat" will increase speed quite a bit because no radius is faster than flat. This radius will result in just a little loss of turning, so it's best suited for skaters who do not have aggressive leans in turns. If you think this is you, ask us which triple we think might work for you.

We also are proud to announce the newly developed QUAD Progressive radius. The quad is a combination radius similar to our regular combinations, however it consists of four fine-tuned radius for even more performance. These have been matched for each progressive stage of a skater's stride in addition to being strategically placed on the proper part of the blade. We offer only 2 Quads, both have greater speed and agility than our regular combinations, however, the Quad T is for those hot dog skaters who want maximum turning and agility, and the Quad S if for those power forwards who want maximum speed. Order yours today!
If you'd like to see what kind of moves and agility are possible with a combo radius, watch this video of one of our long time customers, Will Graber. Granted as you will see, Will has great talent and personal drive, but the way his blades are profiled has allowed him to reach the highest level of skating skills possible.
Watch this!

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