Internet Customers, we custom sharpen and radius blades and ship them all over the country! Visit our Sharpening and Profiling pages for more info, then e-mail or give us a call.

Thanks for a great season! Our store hours have changed for the Spring/Summer seasons. Be sure to visit our Store Hours page for details and our vacation closing schedule. We are also moving across the street to a bigger store in the White Hen Pantry Plaza June 1'st! Stay tuned for more details.


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Here are some more comments from our customers
Have Bob Profile your Blades!
I got a new pair of Missions and felt like I was on stilts - totally clueless. I had a local Long Island skate shop with a good reputation profile them for $20. Didn't work. I searched the internet and found Bob at No Icing. We spent quite some time on the phone while Bob discussed what he does and how he does it. I shipped the blades for $4.30. When I got them back 4 days later, each blade was EXACTLY THE SAME. I got a 9'radius with 2 pages of explanations as to how my blades are spec'd. I couldn't wait to try them out this Thursday at my rent-out so I went to a kid's general session at local rink. BOB - IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY - THANKS FOR GIVING ME MY SKATES BACK. MISSION SHOULD PUT YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS INTO EVERY BOX OF SKATES THEY SELL. I will send you my blades every time they need sharpening. IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT TO HAVE CUSTOM SHARPENED SKATES.

Hey Bob, Thanks for the advice and the superior work you did on my blades. Your recommendations were right on the money. Thanks again, Marc Parker, Los Angeles

Thanks Bob
Bob, I've played 3 games and had no problems at all. The radius feels good and what feels good has got to be right. Thank You.

Bob, The blades are excellent! I have more speed, better glide, and don't get tired as fast. Everything you promised! I do feel like I could use a bit more bite going into turns, but it might be that I just need to get adjusted to the new feel. Also with crossing over to skate backwards I do catch an edge sometimes, which has become a source of entertainment for my friends. I'm sure I'll adjust to having more blade on the ice. I feel like I have new skates! I have another set of blades I would like to send out for you to work on. Thanks again for all your help. Cheers, Jeff

My skates have never been better
I drove 1.5 hours to Bob's store to have him adjust the rocker profile on my blades and it was well worth it. Ever since I purchased my new skates I have felt a little clumsy like I was fighting them especially when crossing over and accelerating. I now have amazing acceleration and agility with Bob's recommended setup. It is effortless and I don't tire as easilly. If I had this setup in College I might not have gotten cut....

Tuuk Light speed perf runners
Bob, I'm sending you the original blades and I'd like the exact same thing you did to the blades you sent me. Please charge to the same credit card. > Everything you said was true. It took me about 7 skates but I've really gotten used to them and even better than that the guys on the team have noticed an improvement in my skating. The biggest difference I've noticed is I don't seam to be getting as fatigued. I have allot more hop in my stride in the 3rd period. I'm sending them UPS ground can you return them UPS ground please. > Thank you, Eric Hupfer

Hey Bob, Put on the blades and skated yesterday and today. Can tell a difference but it did not seem to be hard to adjust for. I am getting a little bit of "popping" when I corner hard, they seem to be faster but who knows. I definitely feel a difference when crossing over and quick bursts. I am taking smaller steps than before, skates not leaving the ice as much. I will be sending my other pair of blades out to you for a sharpening in the near future. Thanks!

Teflon Coating! - A new must!
Bob, the new teflon coating you convinced me to get on my skates are unreal! The added speed took a little getting used to but now that I've had it, I will never go back. Thanks. You very truly are the best skate sharpener I've ever had in my 34 yrs of playing the game.

Very Pleased
Hi Bob, Haven't been on the ice much since you profiled and sharpened my skates with the 5/8 hollow (plus toe down pitch) but I just got back from my "home ice" this afternoon and want to tell you that I am very pleased with my setup. I was a little concerned, because this "home ice" of mine here in Newington Ct, runs a great hard ice temperature. The skates were awesome, the edges gripped well and true and the toe down pitch improves my forward skating and does not interfere with my backward skating. For the first time in months I am not thinking about experimenting with my skates anymore. I think I've found a home for now with these settings. Hope that you have the toe down pitch recorded that you used for them!!!! Thanks, I'm very pleased. Once again skating is what it should be... FUN !!!!!!!! Ray Guertin Connecticut

Locker Room "Buzz"
Bob, your name in the "Skate Sharpening Arena" is the latest "buzz" in the Conway Arena locker rooms in Nashua, NH. All of the comments are nothing but the best. I have tried many other places in the area and you provide the best sharpening around hands down, thanks for taking care of my skates!