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Skate Report
Bob: Quick note to let you know that the skates were great last night. Absolutely loved the forward radius and the grind was right on the money. From the moment I stepped on the ice, I could feel the difference. Did not feel too sharp, no bind and I was buzzing like a 20 year old. Many thanks! Urinators ruled last night and No-Icing was the talk of the locker room. I know Shark, Knuckles, Pipe, JayDog and myself all raved so expect the rest of the team to be marching through the doors. Good luck with the new store opening and I'll be up to get "sanitized" after Finals. Bad karma to clean up now :-)

Another coming at you Bob
Bob, Just wanted to touch up and say hello. I am still loving the profile job you did on my Graf 750 goalie skates. You should be getting a call from a buddy in Dallas soon to have his done. Also Bob in Mass loves his. I recommend your services to everyone hands down every time. No one does it better or is more professional than you are. Everyone out there.. if you are thinking about having Bob do your skates.. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT... DO IT. You will love it. Best regards from your customer for life, Ralph Barker El Paso, Texas.. soon to be Phoenix, AZ :)

Hi Bob, Finally got Will on these 'new' blades - he was sick when they came, so we put off trying them until we felt he could give them a fair shot. The difference is more subtle than when we first got his blades done by you, but I think they are noticeably better. He definitely doesn't seem to have to work so hard to go fast, and he can still turn great. In fact, at practice last night there were a couple times when 'turned on a dime' came to mind. I am sending the next set of blades out today to get the same treatment. Thanks again!! Susan

Bob I received my "new" blades Wednesday and used them last night. I was a little worried after reading the letter that came with the blades concerning the break-in time. My break-in time was 30 seconds! The difference was huge, especially when turning hard and stopping. Thank you for a great job! My oldest son, Ian, is 16, 5' 9" tall (and growing) and weighs 133 lbs. He is a smooth skater, plays center for his school varsity AA team and also refs. He wears CCM Externo 50's, size 7.5 with a 1/2" hollow. What are your recommendations? Jim

Hi Bob, The profile job you did on my skates was like magic. My balance was much better and my agility was much improved as well. I was skating a lot better with less effort! Thanks. Derek

Bob, Skated this morning in my new CCM 6.0 skates. They are really comfortable for brand new skates. The rocker also seemed much more stable than the non-rockered skates I have been using. I will e-mail you in a couple of weeks (after my wife cools off for bringing home new skates without her approval) and order probably 2 sets of blades with rocker and sharpening. My concern is that I don't want anyone to screw up the work you have done. This way I could keep rotating through the 3 sets of blades. Once again thanks for the education and great skates, you have a new customer! Mike

re: blades
Bob, sorry for not getting back to you earlier but i was in spain kicking some butt and bringing home the gold for the US team. the blades are sweet and the felt exactly like you said they would. thanks for you help and making my job a lot easier Mike

re: skate blades
Bob, Love the new blades, I've used them several times and it just feels more natural. I don't feel like I'm fighting with the skates anymore. Anyway, I wanted to find out if you sell CCM Vector 6.0 skates (size 9.5 or 10). If so, how much? Also, does the number on the bottom match my current skates....287? Thanks. Quade

Bob, The skates showed up last night and I skated on them. The hollow you put on them is perfect for both pushing off and sliding. I can pivot effortlessly with the new radius and pitch. I can't believe what a huge difference the profiling made. I'm sure I'll appreciate it even more after a few more skates. Our local rink puts a 1/2 ROH on all goalie skates regardless of weight and or ability and they don't even know what a radius is. I'm going to tell all my buddies "if they want maximum performance from their skates they should send them to you." Thanks for the follow up and most of all for giving me my mobility back. One Happy Goalie in AZ Larry Stewart

re: Profile
Skated in them last night. I warrenteed the XXX and now have 8090. The skates feel real nice. The sharpening and profile was great. No more shuttering when stopping or turning. I had no loss of edges. I felt a little on my toes but it was a good thing. I first thought it wont be deep enough of a edge but it was fantastic because I had more glide. You are now my skate sharpener. I will be ordering another set of blades soon from you and I will also need the hardware. I will probably do it next week. Get me a price on how much that will be. thank you