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Here are some more comments from our customers
Nice sharpening on the MK Pros - thank you
Dear NoIcingsports; (Bob) Thanks for the great blade sharpening. We figure skaters are much appreciative of a good sharpening and I found I was able to skate my session without any adjustment. My tango stop and one foot hockey stop could be done without fear of too much bite. 3 turns were smooth, edges held on the bullet proof New England hockey ice I skate on. You do great work, and should probably think about raising your rates a little (did I say that)?! Thanks again, Jeanne DeCarolis

Re: Blades
Bob ... been on the ice 3 times with your blades, What a difference!!! My stock set is on its way to you UPS. I'm sure you will enjoy the burn marks etc. A perfect example of the casher trying to sharpen skates. The new blades turn sharper and accelerate better, a very noticeable difference. The only down side so far is they donít stop as good as my T-blades tend to slide when trying to stop, could be an adjustment on my part. Thanks for your help Andy Hardan

Well Bob, you did it!! His knees were bent, and came off the ice saying they are the best blades he's ever had and he's been through 5 pairs of skates already in his short career. And he didn't lose any backwards skating at all, so that is part is great also. Thank you so much. Now I have to be careful on where I get them sharpened.

Skate Questionairre
Hello Bob, I received your blades this past week and installed it with no problems. I got to test it out last night and I'll tell ya, it was amazing the way these blades felt under my feet. I could accelerate and turn and stop with no problem. I know you said it could take a few skates to get used to them but it was incredible how quickly I adjusted to them. I just have to adjust to skating backwards because the toe is a bit lower than what I'm used to but I know I'll adjust to that quickly. It's actually not that bad. I just have to get used to it. I can't believe I've been skating all my life not knowing what type of sharpening would be suitable for me. Thanks again. I made sure everybody knew where I got my blades from. You'll here from me again in the future V/R KHAM

Bob, My son Neal and I were up at your store about a month ago when we bought him a new pair of skates and some extra sets of blades. He loves the skates and the custom radius has helped him, he was REALLY surprised when he first skated on the blades with the special sauce. Thanks again for your great service Al Pellegrini (Neal) Southboro MA

New FBV!
Thanks Bob. Just wanted to say, I skated on the New Flat Bottom V (FBV) that you did for me. I was apprehensive at first but when I stepped on the ice, WOW! It felt like I had a tailwind pushing me, the new speed was unbelievable. I was passing guys and beating them to the puck! Also, turns were crisp and the edges grabbed perfect. I can't imagine anything better. Can't wait to put your combination radius on my steel too! Thanks again.

Bob's service puts the PRO in professional!
I feel if you care at all about your game, YOU need to have Bob and his staff get there hands on your blades. I am in Buffalo and No skate sharpeners ever ever ever asked what hollow you would want and when you would buy skates they would even rocker them for you!! Picture this, skating with the hollow year round summer and winter? NO WAY< NEVER AGAIN! Bobs sharpening/rockering made me a faster, stronger skater period! I play college hockey and I wont even let our "skate guy" even near my blades ever again! Bob is like your own PROFESSIONAL SKATE Adjuster! Much like what they have in the NHL, Bob will customize your blades to you needs and make you a better player!!! If you want to be the best have bob customize your blades!

Many Thanks
Bob, This is James out in California and I just skated last night on the blades that you guys over-nighted back to me. I canít even begin to tell you how amazing the blades felt. I felt like I was skating handicapped for a while, and Bob, you have cured me! You guys epitomize customer service and I wish there were more stores like you guys around. Keep up the good work and I will definitely be coming back to you guys in the near future. Warm regards, James

Bob, I received the blades, as you promised on Monday the 10th. I did not have a chance to skate on them until this past Sunday (the 16th). Since the blades felt very sharp, I was nervous about taking the ice and was hoping to be able to ďtestĒ them out for a while. However, I arrived at the rink late and had to jump right into a pick-up game. My fears were put to rest as soon as I hit the ice. In one word, the blades are awesome! There was virtually no ďadjustmentĒ time needed. The hollow and radius are perfect. Iím sold! I am sending you my old 280 steel (which is relatively new) in the hope that you can duplicate the blades you sent me last week. If not, Iíll ask you to make me another pair. Thanks, Gary

Thanks Bob!
That radius and sharpening was PERFECT! I'm loving my skates again. You got my business at this point. Night and day difference between your job and the others! I'm back to not thinking about my skating while playing - and that is NICE. Thanks again for the great job. Doug Ruark