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  What is a Flat Bottom V?
Totally new way to have your skates sharpened!
Folks, this type of sharpening has hit the market like a storm. No-Icing Sports is proud to be in the lead to offer this new method to our customers, and to our internet customers throughout the country and world. Unlike the conventional sharpening that puts a hollow between two edges, the FBV is a totally new way to sharpen and shape an ice skate blade. With a conventional sharpening, you have to choose between grip/bite and speed. With the FBV, you get both maximum bite (when you need it) but also maximum glide (when you need it).

The Flat Bottom V has virtually zero getting use to time. In a matter of minutes, you'll adapt easy to this setting and soon be reaping the rewards of super speed and endurance, yet at the same time have all the grip you need for hard turns and stops.

Getting an FBV on your skates does not alter your Rocker radius at all, it does not take off any more steel than a regular sharpening, and if you are ever in a bind for a sharpening, it can easily be sharpened over with your previous hollow by any sharpener.

We offer many different FBV's, all have great speed. We'll select the one that gives you the bite you are use to, or you can even get more bite (better turning) without losing speed.

Check out this article on the FBV,

Try it, you'll never go back to a regular sharpening again! Order your FBV sharpening from the main menu now. Only $7.50!

Note: We are a Custom Radius shop. Due to the large demand from those who want to try the FBV, we can no longer sell runners without a purchase of a Radius. Did you know, a custom radius can offer greater performance benefits than a FBV by itself. Visit our Radius and profiling pages for more information.
Flat Bottom V
Flat Bottom V (FBV)
The FBV portion of our web page is still under construction. Stay tuned for more information.
The Flat Bottom V or FBV skate sharpening is very different than what you are use to getting on your skates. The FBV has a flat bottom and the edges are slightly higher. So when gliding, you are on the flat which gives you awesome speed, but when you turn and lean the skates, the edges then dig in giving you great turning. So for example, you can achieve the glide equivalent to a 2" hollow, yet at the same time, the turning capacity of a 3/8-1/2" hollow. How cool is that!

Here's what one customer had to say about the FBV sharpening:

"I just got off the ice after my first skate on the FBV blades. This is the only way to describe it: "The Holy Grail of Sharpening". I'm speechless about how these blades perform. More glide than my 5/8ths and way way more bite. I seriously could not get an edge to lose grip even after the ice got trashed at the end of stick time...and I started trying was a game to see if I could get a damn edge to lose rip....nope! You can feel the enhanced glide and then the moment you roll on edge its like super glued to the ice..its crazy. I don't know if I have ever skated better Bob - seriously. I'll never go back to "old" sharpening again."

Doug Ruark
FBV's available
Here are the FBV's we are offering now.

FBV3/8: This cut is good for goalies who like an extreme grip and will provide edge similar to the 5/16-3/8" range. Not recommend for player skates because the edge is just too extreme. Blackstone 100/1

FVB 1/2: This cut is good for skaters who are currently skating on hollows in the 3/8-1/2" range. Also called the Blackstone 100/75

FBV 95/1. Close to a 7/16" hollow.

FBV 9/16: This selection is good for skaters who are currently skating on hollows in the 1/2-9/16" range. Also called the Blackstone 100/50

FBV 95/75: Similar to FBV9/16.

FBV90/1: This setting provided bite in between the FBV9/16 and the FBV 5/8 and is closer to a 9/16"hollow. Blackstone FBV90/1

FBV 5/8: This selection is good for skaters who are currently skating on hollows in the 5/8-3/4" range. Also called the Blackstone 90/75

FBV 85/1: Similar to 11/16" FBV 80/1: Similar to 13/16" FBV 3/4: This selection is good for skaters who are currently skating on hollows in the 3/4-7/8" range. Also called the Blackstone 90/50

FBV 1: This selection is good for skaters who are currently skating on hollows in the 7/8-1" range. Also called the blackstone 80/50.

Note: This is just a basic guide we developed after feedback from skaters. The FBV's are so unique, you may have to try a couple of different ones until you find the perfect one for you.