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If you don't see a question here you would like answered, please submit it by e-mail. Thanks.
Q I'm not sure what to get on my skates. How do you know what will work for me?
A We can determine what sharpening and radius profile will work for you several different ways, watching you skate or by having you fill out a detailed questionnaire where we ask you a lot of questions about how you skate and your hockey game. We use your answers to come up with a great profile to get you started. Often this is perfect and works great for the skater, but sometimes we have to fine tune based on skater feedback.

Q What if I don't like the radius you selected for me?
A We've done thousands and thousands of radius on a wide variety of players so we have a pretty good idea what will work for skaters after we review their evaluation. However, if after 30 days of skating on it, you don't like what we picked for you, we'll gladly make a free adjustment. We usually get it right first time, but sometimes an adjustment is necessary. The free adjustment does not apply to those customers who bypass our evaluation and select their own radius. We just can't have folks picking something at random, then expect us to change it if they don't like it. This is why our evaluation process is so necessary.

Q I skated on my custom radius once and hate it, what should I do?
A Anytime a skater gets a radius change, it will feel different at first, kind of like when you buy new shoes. Some like it immediately, some might require up to 6 outings to allow time for their body mechanics and muscle memory to adapt to the new profile. Not only do you have to get use to the new profile, but also to the shape/height of new steel if you purchased new runners. Often new runners are vastly different in shape than your old runners which have been altered quite a bit by sharpenings over the years. No worries though, usually after 6 skates your body mechanics will have adjusted and you'll likely love your new radius profile. If not, we'll gladly make a free adjustment on the radius we selected for you (within 30 days).

Q I told my teammates about you, should they order the same radius I got?
A No. Every skater is different, be it in ability, style and personal preferences. We need each skater to go through our evaluation process so we can work up a custom profile specifically for them.

Q I love the FBV sharpening but no one around me does it, what should I do if I don't want to mail my blades to you?
A Unfortunately, if no one around you does the real FBV, then you'll have to go back to a regular hollow cut at your local shop.

Q My local store says they do the FBV but it feels nothing like yours. How come?
A First,make sure they are doing the real patented FBV, not the imposter copycat version. Many stores who don't do the real FBV are telling customers that they do. You can check if they are legit on, where they list all the authorized shops. Now, if your shop is doing the real FBV and it feels bad, then likely they are not doing it correctly or are just bad sharpeners. FBV is more difficult to do than a hollow cut, so if they are not experienced sharpeners they could just be doing a bad job.

Q Do I have to get the radius done every time I get them sharpened?
A No, after you get your radius, you'll just get regular sharpenings. If you are rotating 2 sets with us, you'll only need to get the radius refreshed/redone after about 2 years. If you have just one set, you'll get it redone once a year.

Q Are combination radius's just for experienced skaters? I'm a novice so how would I know the difference?
A The great thing about combo radius is they work great for all skaters, beginner to expert. Remember, it's all psychics, a shorter radius turns better no matter who is in the skates. Don't worry though, we do have some radius that work better for experienced skaters and we won't put a novice in one of those.

Q When I get my skates sharpened at the rink or other pro shops, they never ask me questions about my play, or explain or offer many choices in hollows. How come you do?
A Well, we take sharpening seriously. It is the most important factor in how you skate. Unlike most shops, we do not sharpen all skates to the same generic hollow or only offer one or two choices. Our goal is to customize the sharpening to fit YOUR exact needs. To do it correctly, we need to know some things about your ability, weight, position, age and more. Only after we know this will we sharpen your skates. You have to remember, most hockey shops aren't in the business of improving your skating or performance, rather they concentrate on new equipment sales. As such, they don't spend a lot of time with you to customize your sharpening. That's where we are different and exactly why we feel you'll come back and make us your "favorite" sharpener.

Q What's this profiling, can it really help improve my skating and game?
A Although fairly rare amoung players in the U.S., radiusing has been popular for decades in Canada and the Europeans have mastered this process. A custom radius (Profile) can improve balance and skating by optimizing the amount of blade that's in contact with the ice, as well as the lie of the blade. Every skater can benefit from a profiling, even if just to match both blades. See our Profiling page in the main menu for more details.