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Skate Radius and Profiling Services
What is Profiling?
In simple terms, Profiling is grinding and shaping the "rocker" radius of the skate blade. Still confused?. Well think of a rocking chair and the shape of the rocker. If you change the rocker's curve, the chair will either rock faster or slower depending on how it is shaped. If you alter a skate's rocker, it's performance will change too.

Hockey skate blades come with a generic rocker radius, sometimes 9 foot, or 11 foot, 13 foot, and others. To better understand what I mean by radius in "feet" and how that applies to skates....lets look at a 11' radius and what that means. Think of a big hula hoop, one that has a 11' radius circle. If you stood it up straight on end, there would be a portion of the hoop that touches the ground. In essence, this is the surface contact area of that 11' radius circle. If you were to make the radius smaller (like that of a real hula-hoop, then less area would be touching the ground. Make it bigger, and more would touch. That's basically what we do to the shape of your blade, make it bigger or smaller to have more or less blade touching the ice. Another example of radius is the earth itself. It has a very large radius. Many originally thought the earth was flat (BTW, their decendants now live in Palm Beach County). Seriously, they thought the earth was flat because it had a big flat surface area where they were standing). If a skate's blade were the radius of the earth, it would have a big flat area too. Ok, enough wierd science. When we radius, we simply are altering the size of the flat area on your skates blade, the gliding surface in the center of the blade that touches the ice.

Now, some of you may have heard other players say, "I have a forward radius, or I have a 9' radius." What they are saying is they had their rockers changed to one preferred by forwards, or one shaped to 9' radius(which is a forward radius as well). Radiusing (also called Profiling and Contouring) is a proven process that allows you to select exactly how much blade is in contact with the ice. More blade = faster speeds and more stability; less blade = easier pivot, turns, and agility. Another option with radiusing is to change the factory pitch or lie of the blade, which will balance the skate for better maneuverability and control. These changes will improve your skating and hockey game. A blade shape that is not right for your style and stance can cause muscle fatigue, reduced skating efficiency, and less power for shooting and passing. It's all about proper body balance.

Skate blades can be profiled to improve speed, turning and stability. If you are not sure what profile you should have, we can help you select what is best for you. We do no freehand grinding. Our computer grinder first completely measures the condition and shape of your blade, then it shapes your blades to the exact radius specification, both blades matched to within 0.001mm precision accuracy. Once the skates are done we will sharpen them with a hollow that is best suited for you. Visit our shop and ask for a detailed radius demonstration. I promise I'll keep the science lesson to a minimum,... but if you can tell me the exact radius of the earth while you are here, I'll give you a discount on something!
What are the benefits of Profiling?

* Improved balance
* Sharper turns
* Quicker turns
* Faster starts
* Reduced fatigue
* Increased power
* Injury reduction
* Increased agility
* Increased lateral movement
* Increased speed
* Increased stability
* Controlled leg extensions
* Improved stickhandling
* and more

Why consider a radius for your skates? Well, if you are a serious hockey player, a custom radius can improve your entire game. Here's why. Skates and blades made by the various manufacturers are very basic in design and come from the factory with the same generic radius, a one-zize fits all shape. Imagine if hockey sticks only came in one flex and curve. Well, that one curve would only work for a small percentage of players. Skate rockers are no different, it is not possible to shape one skate rocker that is perfect for everyone. There are many variables, age of player, experience, position played, brand of skate, etc. CCM skates for example, may come from the factory with a balanced pitch and 11' radius. If you are a forward, that may not be right for you. A better performing radius might be 9', with a toe down pitch. Another example may be size 13 youth skates. These come from the manufacturer with a lot of blade surface on the ice, as that size is considered a beginner skate and more blade is needed for stability. However, today, a lot of youths are skating since they were age 2, so by the time they are in a size 13Y, they may have 4 or more years of skating experience. They no longer need a beginner radius, and in many cases that beginner radius is hampering their ability to grow and develop their skating skills.

Another thing you must consider is that even on brand new skate pairs, that 80-90% of them come from the factory with a MISMATCHED radius, meaning the left blade's radius is different than the right. Improper balanced radius can really mess up your game.

Have you noticed fatigue, or your shots and passes seem weaker for no explainable reason? Well, your current sharpener could have also mismatched your blades or completely destroyed your radius by applying too much pressure while sharpening. Recently, a customer came in with blades with a radius that had been altered so much to the rear, that he was skating on his heels. His body balance was backwards. Another customer came in with a rocker that had been ground away leaving about 1/2" of blade touching the ice. No wonder he was complaining about having no speed. Our profiling can repair most poor or botched sharpening jobs.

First and foremost, Profiling will ensure your two blade's radius are matched perfectly (in addition to providing performance gains should you choose that option). Bring your skates in to our shop for a free computer measurement to see how far off your blades are from each other.

Who should have their skates Profiled?
All players can benefit from Profiling. As I said, 80-90% of blade's radius's are mismatched, so by grinding the same radius and lie to the blades, the skater will achieve better performance. But wait, even more performance can also be achieved! We all know there are 4 aspects of skating; accelleration, stopping, gliging and turns. How your blades are shaped effects your performance in each one of those stages. Your "style" and personal preferences will determine how the skate's blades should be shaped.

Younger players (ages 5-12) and new skaters will benefit the most with a performance profile as they have not had to compensate body movements to make up for an improper radius and lie. Their bodies will adjust quickly to the proper body positioning and they will reap huge benefits as they develop their skating skills. Older skaters have bad habits that profiling can correct. For some, it may take a little time for their body to adjust but once it does, full performance gains can be achieved. The transition from non-profiled to profiled is really no more awkward than when you first skate on a new pair of skates. Most adult customers report that it takes one or two skates to adjust, youths even less. But virtually all say they are skating better. Visit our store and let us show you the different profiles available.

GOALIES, we can profile your skates too! A big problem with goalie skates is that most of them come from the factory with a reverse radius, only the toe and heel touching. To test your skate, place it on a flat surface and look at the blade sideways. If you can see light through the middle, you have a reverse radius. Basic Profiling will fix that. We can then also tune the skates for skating performance and better agility around the net. Gain that extra confidence to leave the crease to beat that opposing player to the puck! Come talk with us about the different options available.

Lastly, be wary of shops that just offer 9, 11 and 13' radius options. Since the proper radius is selected based on many factors, including skate blade size, shops with few options may not be able to grind the proper radius for your skates. For example, a junior skate may need a 6' or 7' radius, because it's blade is much shorter than the adult skates. If the closest option offered is 9', the player is going to have too much blade touching the ice. Another common mistake is players will hear a teamate bragging how they got a 9' radius and love it, then go get one themselves and hate it. Why, because it's not properly sized for their skates. Radius's are proportional to blade size, you can't simply select a 9' radius and expect it to work correctly on different size skates.

Our Prices

Most shops that do radiusing charge $30 or more. Our price is just $16.99 and that INCLUDES a normal skate sharpening! Skates that are radiused will need the radius refreshed at some point. If your sharpener is not using an automated computer machine, we recommend you have your skates re-profiled about every 8-10 sharpenings or at least once per season. This will ensure the profile remains constant. Also, if you've had a bad freehand sharpening, it is likely your profile was ground away. Our price for a profile refresh is just $8 and that includes a normal sharpening.

For our internet surfers,... while we are not an internet store, many across the country have sent their skates or blades to us for radiusing. If you don't have a shop in your area that offers similar services, we can help you out. Skates are not very expensive to ship. If you can take your blades off, shipping just them is even cheaper, about $4. Simply remove your blades and send them to us. We will cut in your custom radius and sharpen, then ship the blades back. Total cost for your two blades sharpened, a custom radius and shipping is $21.29. We will do the work the day they are delivered, but if you can't be without your skates for a couple of days, another option would be to purchase a new set of blades from us at $22 each. We also have the new lightened HOTBLADES for $25 each! When you buy blades from us the cost of a radius is discounted to only $10. We'll sharpen the new blades, put on your custom radius and send them to you. If you want, you can then send the old blades to us for a matched radius, and have a spare set, or two sets to rotate. E-mail or give us a call; (603) 883-PUCK.