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Equipment Sanitizing and Deodorizing
Introductory Special, only $14.99!
No-Icing Sports introduces a revolutionary service...
How come I never heard of this before?

Sanitization/Odor removal by our process is revolutionary to hockey. There are currently 15 sani machines in the U.S., 3 owned by NHL teams. Seven more NHL teams have ordered one as they have recognized the benefits of bacteria free and deodorized equipment for their players. No-Icing Sports was the second pro-shop in the county to offer this process and we have rapidly become the leader in odor removal. We are also the only shop to offer this type of sani process in northern New England. We do NOT use an Esporta machine, those are simply big washing machines that use water and heat and cost the customer an arm and a leg to sanitize their equipment.

Our sani and deodorizing process is unique. It's an all-dry process that literally kills the bacteria and fungus that is living in your equipment, the nasty stuff that causes itching, rashes and infections. At the same time it will eliminate the foul odors your family, friends and teammates are always complaining about.

During our treatment process, your equipment is totally vaporized with a completely natural substance. There is no washing, no water, and no drying. This means no wear and tear on your equipment.

The next step is the application of a special all-natural bacteriacide that acts like a preventitive shield which helps keep new bacteria from forming during future skates.

Lastly, our treatment includes a pleasent smelling all-natural fragrance. Yes, hockey equipment can smell good!

Our process is safe, effective and beneficial for your skin. Be wary of imposters and gimmicks. Our treatment is NOT a MASKING scent, we actually kill the harmfull bacteria that is causing the odors.

Why us? Very simply, we believe our competition falls way short. Recently an Esporta cleaning service opened in Chelmsford, Mass. Some local rinks have a arrangement where they send customer's equipment to them. However, you have to leave your equipment and you don't get it back till the next business day. Why, well their machines are huge and are designed for 8 or more sets of equipment at a time. Normally, they will wait till they have a full load before they run the wash. Even if you could clean just YOUR set of equipment, the wash and dry process takes a full 2 hours. Don't believe me, check out this site and also check their prices..

Our sanitizing and deodorizing process only takes 15 minutes, yes just 15 minutes, and in most cases can be done while you wait. Something you must also consider is that the wash type services are very expensive, $45 plus ... and that DOESN'T include skates, helmet or bag. Those will run you $20 more. At No-Icing Sports, we do it all, and for less, only $15 for a COMPLETE set of equipment!

It also doesn't make sense to wet wash and hot air dry your leather gloves, your skates, and synthetic leather equipment. Unlike the Esporta, our process has NO wear and tear, and produces no cracking or stiffness, or breakdown in the fibers.

Our deodorizing machine is owned by numerous NHL teams, including the Boston Bruins who purchased one specifically for Joe Thornton who has twice gotten infections from bacteria living in his equipment.

  Odor Facts
It is true that sweat is odorless. However, bacteria from our bodies feeds off sweat. Once they consume the sweat, they do what any living creature on earth does: they defecate… Yup, you guessed it; odors are the smell of bacteria excrement! Well, not exactly... but the process does produce those foul odors

Frequent wearing of un-treated equipment allows sweat and bacteria to build up. Moisture helps refresh odors because it rehydrates the particles. This provides a feast for the body odor producing bacteria to feed upon.

If equipment is not dried immediately, bacteria will multiply rapidly. The temperature range at which bacteria grows best is between 45-140 deg. F

Skates and gloves are closed end garments, they do not air dry well and are a haven for bacteria growth

Feet and Hands have the highest number of sweat glands per square inch. Glands in the genital area produce different proteins and fats which encourage the growth of bacteria.

A single service treats a complete set of equipment including skates, helmet, pads, gloves and bag (except for huge wheel type bags, extra charges might apply). Best of all, we can do this while you wait. No more soaking equipment in bath tubs, or having to hose it down and wait days for it to dry. Our service takes only 15 minutes! Yes, 15 minutes! Try it, you won't be dissapointed.

We can sanitize and deodorize most anything!

Our process also works great on other types of sporting equipment; football, ski boots, ski jackets, running shoes, wet suits, martial arts equipment, bullet proof vests, sleeping bags, motorcycle helmets and more. Recently a customer brought in a set of hockey equipment that the family cat had been using as a substitute for a litter box! It was a challenge, but our machine removed all the nasty odors! We tried to get him to write a testimonial, but we don't think he wants anyone to know his name. Hard to believe he actually played a game in that stuff the day before he came in!! Call for pricing on unique items. (Note: we may have to charge EXTRA for cat urine, man did that stuff stink. :-)

Please ensure your equipment is air dried before treatment. Our process will work on wet gear but for best results it should be dry.

Our Guaranty

We guarantee you will be pleased with the results. If for some strange reason we can't remove an offensive odor from a piece of dry equipment, we will not charge you for that piece!

Keep your equipment smelling fresh and free of bacteria with our discount pass, 3 treatments for $35!

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