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Skates are not only a major investment, but also are a big part of your game. We understand it takes a while to get use to your skates, and that most skaters hate to get a new pair because the old pair fits well, is broken in, and works well for them. For these reasons, our pro-shop is well equiped to make the necessary repairs to keep your skates functional for many years to come. We can replace blades and holders, repair rivets and eyelets, straighten blades and more. Check below for a list of services we offer. Keep in mind, if it's not listed, we may not have that service now, but most likely will in the near future.
Bauer Steel Replacement
We will replace the runners in your Tuuk or Lightspeed holders with new stainless blades and bolts/nuts if needed. Finally we sharpen your blade and make it ice ready. Add $3.00 for Lightspeed Power Steel. $29.99 per skate
Blade Replacement for CCM Skates
We will replace the runners in your Prolite or E holders with new stainless blades. New bolts and screws if needed. Finally we will sharpen your blade and make it ice ready. The new Pro Scalloped blades are an additional $3.00 per skate. Price includes initial skate sharpening. $29.99 per skate
Tuuk Holder Replacement
Is your holder cracked or worn out at the tip? Let us replace it for you. Includes all new rivets and remounting of your runner. $34.99 per skate. There will be extra charges if you want a different model holder mounted, other than the stock replacement holder, e.g., A Tuuk on a Graf skate. Optional, but we recommend remounted runners be Profiled to match the pair.
Holder Replacement for CCM Skates
Same as above. $29.99 per holder
Install Your Holders
If you have holders, we can install them. We can put roller chassis on skate boots too. $28.00-$38.00 per pair
Rivet Replacement
Broken or loose rivets can lead to additional loose rivets and fatique of the holder. We can replace broken or rusted rivets on virtually any brand skate. $2.00 per rivet
Goal Skate Overdrive Blade Installation
We will install a pair of Overdrive Blades on your goal skate cowlings. $14.99
Boot Stretching
If your skates are too small or tight, we can stretch them up to a 1/2 size bigger. Free for skates purchased here. $20.00
Hot Bake Skate Fitting
Do you have a new pair of skates you want to hot fit? Bring them by. We will heat them up and then put your feet in the FIT molding machine. This service is free for skates purchased at No Icing. $50.00 per pair
Boot Pressure Point Release
Do you have a Bunion or unique foot shape that places pressure and pain on your foot? We can relieve that pressure by expanding the boot just over that pressure point. Free for skates purchased here. $7.50 per skate

We do not keep in stock some sizes of Mission replacement blades. If you want us to radius a set for you, call, if we don't have them you may have to find a pair and ship them to us.
When getting your runners replaced, why not consider having your blades profiled with a radius that will improve your skating.

Sorry, we do not do leather or sole repairs. So few skaters have these repairs done and the cost of the equipment is very high to justify having a sewing machine in our shop. We can however, recommend an expert who can repair virtually any hockey equipment. Even though you make like your current boots and want to rebuild your skates. In some cases, it just might be better to purchase a new pair of skates. The newer skates break in fairly fast. Take this into consideration before deciding on a rebuild.