Internet Customers, we custom sharpen and radius blades and ship them all over the country! Visit our Sharpening and Profiling pages for more info, then e-mail or give us a call.

Thanks for a great season! Our store hours have changed for the Spring/Summer seasons. Be sure to visit our Store Hours page for details and our vacation closing schedule. We are also moving across the street to a bigger store in the White Hen Pantry Plaza June 1'st! Stay tuned for more details.


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The Following Items are on Special in Our Store
Custom PRISM Goal Pads
PRISM is a custom goal pad manufacturer in Canada. The quality and features of their pads match the top name brand pads like Vaughn and Koho, yet at nearly half the price. You also have the choice of custom colors too. The pads seen here were a custom order by one of our customers. Prism has a fast delivery time, total time from order to delivery was 19 days! Come look at our Prism catalog and material and color samples.
Check out these PRISM pads. As said above, we custom order this quality equipment, just for you. Their gloves are awesome too. I just ordered one for myself!
CCM Vector Pro Skate
These are CCM's newest and top of the line skate. I have some in stock but I'm going to sell them at a great price if you are willing to order them and wait 1 day to get them. Come see us.
LeGolie is here!
We have LeGolie in our store! You may have seen LeGolie commercials between periods of NHL games. LeGolie is the world's first automatic and remote controlled goalie. Sponsored by the NHL, LeGolie is perfect for those who are tired at shooting at an open net or boring targets, or when you can't find someone to play goal. Heavy duty construction, runs on electricty or battery. Battery pack and charger included. Your choice of NHL teams! Call for our low prices! I have one set up in the store and find it hard not to shoot pucks at it. It's a blast!