Internet Customers, we custom sharpen and radius blades and ship them all over the country! Visit our Sharpening and Profiling pages for more info, then e-mail or give us a call.

Thanks for a great season! Our store hours have changed for the Spring/Summer seasons. Be sure to visit our Store Hours page for details and our vacation closing schedule. We are also moving across the street to a bigger store in the White Hen Pantry Plaza June 1'st! Stay tuned for more details.


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Team Discounts!
Team Discount Choices
We offer team discounts for hockey team services, youth or adult. Come talk with us about equipment and pro shop service team discount plans. Everything can be discounted from sharpening to sticks to deodorizing to equipment.
Free Pick Up and Delivery
We will pick up and deliver free (within 1 hr drive) for team sanitizing and deodorizing services. 10 player minimum.
Sanitizing and Deodorizing Discount
Bring in 10 or more sets of equipment for deodorizing and treatment price for each set is only $12!
Sharpening Discounts
We offer a minimum 20% off all skate sharpening and radius services to all teams. Along with the discount, we will deliver the sharpened skates to the coach or a designated player. Our store hours are very flexible, we'll open early or late at night to have skates ready when you need them for practices and games, Sundays too! If desired, individual players can also just drop by the store for sharpening. All we will need is the team roster of eligible players.

Discount Season Passes (like those available to all our customers) can be customized to meet the team's needs. Your team can save up to 50% on sharpening by purchasing these pre-paid passes.
Stick Discounts
Order 12 or more sticks at a time and receive deep discounts!