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Here are some comments from our customers
Our Bulletin board was getting filled with testimonials and we reached our storage limit, so we created this page for everyone to see. Nothing helps promote our business quite like a testimonial from another happy customer. Thank you to all who have posted their feedback. We really appreciate it.
No Icing Helped Me
I live in Florida, where skate sharpening is BAD! But Bob has really helped me! We came up with a custom set-up and it's really improved my acceleration and gliding! Who can't use more of that? If you live far away from hockeyland and can't get a good grind, send 'em to Bob!

Many Thanks
Bob, This is James out in California and I just skated last night on the blades that you guys over-nighted back to me. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the blades felt. I felt like I was skating handicapped for a while, and Bob, you have cured me! You guys epitomize customer service and I wish there were more stores like you guys around. Keep up the good work and I will definitely be coming back to you guys in the near future.

Best Hockey Shop in NH
Since I've had my skates sharpened by Bob, I've never had better edge control! You immediately feel a difference in power, turning and confidence going in the corners. Bob is also very accommodating with
product selection and fitting. I recommend No-Icing Sports to any hockey player or parent. Thanks Bob!
Gary Morrissette

Great Job!
Hello Bob,
Finally got a minute to get back to you regarding the job you did on the blades- custom combo radius and the sharpening. All I have got to say is that YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB!!! Although I have skated only once so far and it took me few minutes to get used to the radius and the hollow, the difference is amazing. It feels as if my skates got wings. My skating is more fluid with seamless transitions between various skating stages and I'm much faster! I'm 6'3, 240+ lbs and I was blowing passed the supposedly little fast guys; everyone around me was asking me what I did differently. These were guys who played serious hockey in college, juniors and in European leagues. I did not want to get off the ice and that day, played hockey for 3 straight hours because it felt amazing. Needless to say, you've got yourself a fan and a customer in California. I have another set of blades, been through about 6 sharpening, may be more , that I'd like to send your way so you can do the same thing with them, combo radius and a sharpening. Let me know how to proceed. And in meantime, I will definitely spread the word about no-icing hockey pro shop and the amazing job you do there. Best Regards, Sergey' 32

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I just skated on my skates for the first time since I had them profiled and radiused and they were awesome. There was such a huge difference between the radius that I had on there from the factory and what you put on there for me. I didn't even realize how much of a hindrance the radius I had on there was until I skated on my newly cut blades. Thank you so much. Also, the blades I had sent to you were for a pair of skates I don't really use. I didn't want to do it to my good skates in case I didn't like it. I'm definitely sending in the blades to the skates I normally wear now. Thanks again... Kris

Fantastic Experience
Made the trek up to the store on Saturday morning. Heard about the store from his squirt coach said that you know more about sharpening skates than anyone. After my Son was interviewed for having his player skates sharpened we turned to his goalie skates. My son Mike had to be talked into having his skates sharpened (and you taking the time to really talk to a 9 year old and not blow him off made him feel really great)as he liked to slide in them. You told him that once he got used to them he would love them. He used them yesterday and after the game all he could do is rave about the control he had. He was able to pop out of his butterfly faster than ever and T-glide from one side to the other quicker than ever. It was well worth the trip to your store. Mike Sr.

I just had to write to tell you how well the Step Steel, Combo-Radius and FBV worked for me on my Grafs. Your recommendation gave me something I never experienced before. Besides the fact that my runners were even for the first time ever, the 8/12'combination gave me stability and maneuverability in a way I didn't know was even possible. Tell anyone who is on the fence about this setup that it is truly a no-brainer. Also, skating on the FBV for the first time was sweet, the FBV is incredible. Why doesn't everyone set up their skates this way? I'll be sending my original runner to you for the same treatment. There's no turning back now. Thank you- Deke deCastro

Satisfied Customer
I am in the Army stationed at Ft Bragg, North Carolina and would consider
myself a C+ to B- level player. I hadn't really thought much about skate
sharpening until I had a few bad jobs done for me around here. I did some
research and found No Icing Sports. What a HUGE difference. Bob took the
time with me on the phone to listen to my needs and concerns. I am very
pleased with his work. I ordered a new set of blades for my skates and he
built a profile for me to fit my skating style. I am so happy with the
results that I ordered another set so I can rotate them via Priority Mail
having Bob continue to sharpen my skates. If you live away from his shop I
would highly recommend doing this. You will notice a huge difference in
your skates and performance on the ice. Bob is not only a master at his
trade but a great American Veteran from the Navy. Thanks again for all of
your help.

I got the blades and I've skated on them a few times. They feel great! My calves were a little sore after the first skate but my glide is better and my agility hasn't suffered. My new blades don't feel like they're "gripping" the ice as much but still feel "sharp" when making turns. Being from Mississippi and not growing up around hockey or other ice sports, I never realized how important a good skate sharpener was. I know the guys in the locker room are going to ask me a lot of questions about my new blades. I am going to strongly reccommend your services to anyone that will listen. Thanks for doing agreat job and my second set of blades will be on their way to you next week. Mitch Martin

Bob, I received the blades, as you promised on Monday the 10th. I did not have a chance to skate on them until this past Sunday (the 16th). Since the blades felt very sharp, I was nervous about taking the ice and was hoping to be able to “test” them out for a while. However, I arrived at the rink late and had to jump right into a pick-up game. My fears were put to rest as soon as I hit the ice. In one word, the blades are awesome! There was virtually no “adjustment” time needed. The hollow and radius are perfect. I’m sold! I am sending you my old 280 steel (which is relatively new) in the hope that you can duplicate the blades you sent me last week. If not, I’ll ask you to make me another pair. Thanks, Gary