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Z-Channel Skate Sharpening (SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Our machine is broken and we are not sure when it will be repairs. Suggest substitute with a FBV.
As always, we at No-Icing Sports strive to offer the latest technological advances in skate sharpening techniques to our customers. We are constantly looking for new, innovative, performance enhancements that can be applied to a skater's blade to allow that skater to skate stronger, faster, and to give them every little edge over their opponent. We did that with custom skate sharpening, we did that with unique combination radius's, and we did that with the FBV. Now we are proud to be the first pro shop in North America to offer the new Swedish Z-Channel Sharpening. Many ask, why do we do this? Yes, it is harder to offer custom sharpenings, yes, we have to spend many hours testing and documenting performance, yes, it takes us more time and labor, and yes it costs us more money to offer a full range of custom performance options. But, that's what sets us apart from others. We are a true pro shop. As a comparison, some competitors say they are a pro shop (because they sell a lot of pro-stock sticks), yet these so-called "pro's" sharpen every customers skates at the same "house cut" setting. Those of you who know us know our goal is to make you skate better, and we do! The Z-Channel just may be right for you!
Summer is a good time to try out the Z Channel. The ice is at its worse, so you can see how the additional glide really offsets the poor ice conditions, reducing that typical summer fatigue. Also, summer hockey is usually not as "serious" as the rest of the year, so it's a good time to experiment with something new. Try a Z-Channel today!

This article is from the Swede's, a bit lost in translation but still a good read. "New Zuperior Channel Sharpening makes the player faster and gives extreme grip when needed. Higher speed and better grip. Here is the new revolutionary sharpening for ice hockey. - You get the best sides of both worlds, says Magnus Svensson, Timrå's super talented forward. He has now used the new Channel Z sharpening for one whole week but he is sure for one thing: "It is the best sharpening that I've ever had, no doubt about it. I can't even think about going back to my old sharpening." The secret of the new Zuperior Channel sharpening is the groove/channel in the middle of the blade. This channel makes it possible to have extreme good grip when needed but gliding motion is also lot better when comparing to traditional hollow sharpening. "I have lot better glide when I'm skating straight down the ice and in crossover skating I have lot better grip than I used to have. I absolutely feel that I have become faster, says Svensson. Björn Mannström, Timrå IK's equipment manager explains little bit more about this new innovation: "Bandy players have had always flat grinding which gives you a lot better glide and speed. Problem with this is that you don't get that good grip which is very important in nowadays intense ice hockey. This new channel sharpening combines the best sides of both ways to sharpen the skates, you get a better grip but at the same time you can gain more speed." The man behind this new innovation is Magnus Eriksson, General Manager of ProSharp. "I've been working closely with Tomas Storm who is a skating instructor for the Detroit Red Wings among others, and I have tested some of his ideas. And this idea got great feedback from many players." Check out Paarjavi's skating at: or at: Translated into English from the original article in the Expressen newspaper. Article made by Gustav Tägtström. Photo: Michael Berggren."

What is the Z Channel?

The ZC is a new method of sharpening skates invented in Sweden. Unlike conventional hollows or FBV's, the ZC is a combination of edges and flat cut with a channel in the middle of the blade (think tire treads). The width and depth of this channel is adjustable to give different levels of grip. The blade's two flat surfaces reduce friction and increase the glide. The benefits of the ZC are:

* Double edges for increased bite which allows better edge control.

* Skater will be able to have a lower left/right body angle for improved turns and agility. This will allow complex skating maneuvers to be conducted with TOTAL confidence that the edges will hold when needed.

* Less friction, better glide, which equals more speed and endurance.

What will you do to my skates?

If you look at the picture of the magnified blade on the right, you can see the Z-Channel down the center of the blade. We offer various Z-Channels of different widths and depths to match the profile of the individual skater. The Z channel does not take off a lot of steel when sharpening, actually less steel than a typical hollow ground. Also, it can be changed back and forth from a regular sharpening with little effort by any competent sharpener.

We are currently offering 5 different ZC cuts, all have great speed but each have different levels of bite:

ZC1 (equivalent of 3/8" hollow type bite)

ZC2 (equivalent of 1/2" hollow type bite)

ZC3 (equivalent of 9/16" hollow type bite)

ZC4 (equivalent of 5/8" hollow type bite)

ZC5 (equivalent of 3/4" hollow type bite)

Other ZC's will be available after testing is complete.

When and How can I get it?

If you are a current sharpening customer, send a email to, or talk to Bob when you come in the store. He will evaluate what setting you are using now, and then select a ZC he thinks will work best for you. Then you can simply order it online for your next sharpening. New customers, please visit our "Sharpen by Mail" Page for complete instructions. Local customers, you may have to leave your skates with us if you want the ZC cut as our machine may require reconfiguration or be set up for a different method when you walk in. Just leave your skates and give us an hour or two. Thank you.

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